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Views and Forms

Frontend & APIs

  • django-webpack-loader – include bundles built with webpack into your templates. Really useful if you have non-trivial JS in your project.

  • django-pipeline – an asset packaging library for Django. No Webpack in sight, which can feel like a blessing sometimes. I myself prefer using Webpack these days, but this is a valid option as well.

  • Django REST framework (DRF) – build RESTful APIs. It’s really good!

  • graphene-django – build a GraphQL endpoint for your project. REST is fine, but frontend devs love to have a single GQL endpoint. They are very convenient.

  • django-cors-headers – handle CORS (cross origin resource sharing) by including the right headers. Useful if your backend is on another domain than your frontend.

  • django-taggit – add tags to any of your models! It’s simple to use, and fits well into most projects.

  • django-filter – let users filter a list of objects themselves through a form.

  • django-tables2 – display your data in nifty tables outside of the admin interface (works with django-filter).

  • django-sql-explorer – write SQL queries on your Django-owned data and see results in a nice interface. A quick way to get going with reporting.

  • djangoql – add a more advanced query language to the admin. This can be a nice compromise before investing more into BI tools or writing custom scripts.

  • django-import-export – get data in and out of your app using CSV, JSON and other formats. Exactly what it sounds like and very handy.




  • django-extensions – Custom management extensions, notably runserver_plus and shell_plus

  • django-click – Write Django management commands using the click CLI library

  • django-dbbackup – Management commands to help backup and restore your project database and media files

Content Management Systems

  • wagtail – Popular Django content management system (CMS)

  • mezzanine – CMS framework

  • django-cms – CMS for Django

  • puput – Blog app features with Wagtail





  • django-perf-rec – Keep detailed records of the performance of your Django code.

  • New Relic – Time middleware, views, and SQL queries.

  • Scout – Time middleware, template rendering, and SQL queries with automatic N+1 detection.

Static Assets

Task Queues

  • django-q – A multiprocessing distributed task queue

  • django-rq – Integration for Redis Queue

  • django-redis – Full featured Redis cache backend for Django





Python Packages

A short list of Python packages that work well with Django.


Official Resources

External Resources

  • LearnDjango – Up-to-date tutorials on Django and Django REST Framework.

  • Classy Class-Based Views – Detailed descriptions of methods/properties/attributes for each generic class-based view.

  • Classy Django Forms – Detailed descriptions of methods/properties/attributes for each form class.

  • Classy Django REST Framework – Detailed descriptions with methods/attributes for DRF class-based views and serializers.

  • Django Sites – Comprehensive listing of sites built with Django.

  • Pony Checkup – Security checkups for Django sites.

  • Django Hunter – Tool to help identify incorrectly configured Django applications that are exposing sensitive information.

  • Simple is Better than Complex – Regularly updated website with many tutorials and tips on Django.

  • Full Stack Python’s Django Page – Explanation of Django philosophy and links to other resources and tutorials.

  • RealPython – Many high-quality tutorials on Django.

  • TestDriven – Multiple Django-specific tutorials on topics like Docker, payments, and more.


  • Django Forum – Discourse Board

  • Community Page – Featuring feeds of Community Blog Posts, Jobs, and more.

  • Django Users Google Group – Very active discussion board for questions/answers.

  • Developers Google Group – For contributions to Django itself only.

  • Twitter – For official announcements on updates, security fixes, etc.

  • IRC Channel – Chat with other Django users at irc://




Django 3.0

Django 2.2

Django 2.1

Django 2.0

Django 1.11



PaaS (Platforms-as-a-Service)

IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service)



  • cookiecutter-django – A full-bodied starter project, highly customizable.

  • djangox – A simpler approach with complete user authentication flow, Pipenv, and more.

  • DRFx – A DRF starter with user auth, Pipenv, and other goodies.

  • django-project-template – A deliberately basic project that has multiple staging environments and Heroku deployment config.

  • docker-django – A quick starter guide for Django and Docker together.

  • ponee – A lightweight Django template ready for Heroku.

  • wemake-django-template – Bleeding edge Django template focused on code quality and security.

  • django2-project-template – A quick starter template with PostgreSQL.

  • django-webpack-starter – Django Webpack starter template for using Webpack 4.

Open Source

Django REST Framework

The most popular way to build web APIs with Django.

DRF Resources

DRF Tutorials


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