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Author avatar wrote on 01/06/2022

WAY 1 PayPal Checkout

+ No package must be installed
+ No migrate needed – no changes to DB
– PayPal app should be created in PayPal
– You need a client key not just the email

1.Get the button code

2. Customize the button

You can customize it with these links

What to change

  • client ID
  • amount
  • currency
  • description
  • button style
  • My case
    I use the same form for both Stripe and PayPal
    When they return success I submit a form
    you can show message or redirect to any url

    3. Create business app in paypal
  • Change the client-id in script link
  • 4. Create sandbox account -for testing
  • one for pesonal
  • one for business
  • and test with personel account
  • Resources