Django Check If Object Or a Value Exists Django.How

Author avatar wrote on 06/06/2022

Record checks

Use exists()

if scorm.objects.filter( # does not work with get

Use count

if sc.count() > 0:


Variables value checks

If in local variables:

if 'myVar' in locals():


If in global variables:

if 'myVar' in globals():


To check if an object has an attribute:

if hasattr(obj, 'attr_name'):


Other ways

except NameError:
    myVar = None      # or some other default value.


Other way

 myVar = None
 if myVar is not None:


Session and request

If in POST request

if 'amount' in request.POST:
    payment_amount = float(request.POST['amount'])


If in GET request

if 'amount' in request.GET:
    payment_amount = float(request.GET['amount'])


If in session

if 'customer_id' in request.session:
    customer = request.session['customer_id']



if 'username' in request.COOKIES and 'last_connection' in request.COOKIES:
      username = request.COOKIES['username']